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The Choose and Book system provides a wealth of information, previously unavailable, detailing patients pathways from GP practice to first outpatient appointment.

Available information
A selection of reports are produced on a monthly basis but these reports are summaries and only cover a fraction of the information available.
Monthly extract files are produced and made available to information analysts. These files contain record level data and with the correct analysis can be used to produce a suite of reports covering every aspect of a patients pathway to first outpatient appointment.
Achieving this requires analytical skills, database skills and an in depth knowledge of the workings of the extracts. Powerful computers are also required due to the large volumes of data being processed.

Here at EBSX Solutions we have years of experience analysing these extracts on both a national basis and at individual organisation levels. We have produced numerous reports on various topics  both monthly and over a period of time.
Our aim is to make available a suite of low cost reports for organisations lacking the analytical resource. For organisations with the resource we can supply support and necessary training to satisfy your reporting needs.
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